Paws on My Heart Car Decal
Paws on My Heart Car Decal
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Paws on My Heart Car Decal

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That moment your dog looks at you with those heart melting puppy dog eyes. Those times when your cat finds you napping and curls in close just to be cozy with you. Day by day pets leave paw prints on our hearts. My heart is covered in them! Is yours? Everywhere you go, let the world know where your heart lies, with this paws on my heart car decal.


This decal is made of Oracle 651 outdoor vinyl. It has a 5 year outdoor durability, and is the best vinyl available for this product. 



If for some reason your decal begins to wear early, there is a 2 year replacement guarantee. This means if your sticker begins to peel or crack within 2 years, contact me and I will replace it for free.


Shipping and Packaging

Your decal will ship in a small poly mailer the day after purchase. Package includes directions for application Package does not include an applicator, but you're decal can be applied with any plastic card, such as a debit card.

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