Virtual Tour

I get a lot of questions about where my products are made, and fortunately, it's a very simple answer.  Everything you see in this shop is handmade in Florida by me. 

If you want more details, I'd be more than happy to take you on a tour (watch the video or scroll down to read it)

Video coming soon

The process starts here, with my phone and a spiral notebook. I don't know about you, but there's something so comforting about a pencil and paper. I start by drawing inspiration from fashion shows and trending human styles on social media, and from there, I doodle. Once I draw something I like I pull together scrap material and create tangible rough drafts.  

Moving onto the pattern phase, once I create a rough draft I like I create a pattern on paper. I know that sounds a little backwards to go from materials to paper, but in some weird way it works for me, so I just go with it. After the pattern is created I make a final draft of the new item, and if it is perfect, I copy the pattern onto cardstock. (Sometimes this step gets repeated a few times)

Then the really fun part! Choosing fabric, beads, ribbons, and all the pretty things!!! I'll be honest with you, sometimes this step can go a little out of control. Again, I will usually turn to the world of human fashion for trending colors and prints. While I do try to create looks that are timeless, there is such a thing as dated, and it's a look I never want for your pet. 

Finally, it's time to get to work creating the new product or season just for you.  One of every item is created for photos, and from there your item is made when you order,. Finally it's packaged by me, and placed in the mailbox by my shipping department (otherwise known as my daughter).

And there you have it. A complete tour of my pet accessory making work shop. I hope it's answered some of your questions, and please, if you have more I'd love to chat with you. And, If you're interested in more behind the scenes, follow @lovedandpamperedpets on Instagram.