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Up level your friendship and her closet

Your pets are your babies and they go everywhere with you, so while you're busy planning outings let me plan outfits. At Loved and Pampered Pets you'll find pet fashion that's comfortable enough to wear all day, durable enough to play in, and cute enough to up level your photos. 



 woman and dog

Meet Heather, the woman behind the bows

Hi, I'm Heather, the owner and designer behind L&P Pets. I am a mom of three girls, two giant dogs, two cats, and a fish. Besides my family, I am in love with sewing and animals.  I began sewing at age 13, originally finding a passion in making dresses for Renaissance festivals (one of these days I might make a Renaissance dress for dogs!). I did this for eight years, and still do occasionally. My love for animals though, goes beyond when I can remember. It led me to study biology in college, travel to Costa Rica to work with rescued sloths, pursue a career in animal husbandry and zookeeping, and has now landed me here, combining my two greatest passions and skills to love on pets around the world. 


Pets are Animals

Ok, don't get mad at me for saying that, but at the end of the day... it is true. And as a fashion designer I don't want to forget it, because this fact plays a crucial role in how I do my job. 

I don't know about you, but I love being comfortable. I would describe my personal style as "comfy chic". I look good enough to be seen in public, but comfortable enough to play a few games of fetch. My dogs would describe their personal style as "prefer to be naked". They look good everywhere and they're comfortable enough to do anything (mostly nap). 

God created your pup beautifully, his coat is perfect just the way it is, but we dog moms have a need to accessorize...

My job is to create styles that make you smile and your fur baby happy. Styles that rock your Instagram photos but stay out of her way. Styles that stand up to an afternoon wrestle and are easy to wash. Comfy chic for dogs!


Do some good while you shop.

Did I mention I love animals? And would I be correct in assuming some awesome person like you, who buys clothes for their dog, loves them too. Cool. Then you'll happy to know that  5% of every purchase, and .50 for every new email subscriber, is given back to no-kill pet shelters here in Central Florida. The goal; to help create a world where every pet is loved as much as the ones in your home.


Let's Bark at Each other

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What's Next

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