About L&P Pets

Fashion created
for dogs who run the show 

When you have a dog who owns the room, she needs fashion to match her style and attitude. Loved and Pampered Pets accessories are created to make your dog stand out. Our bows, bandanas and specialty pet clothing might be a little “too much” for some – but for the pup who’s mastered the balance between sass and class? They’re perfectly chic.


What’s better than good dog fashion? Good dog fashion that’s comfy.

Just like those slip on sandals you could live in all day long, the best part about our dog bows and bandanas is they won’t keep your pup from living her best dog life. L&P accessories are designed to be lightweight, comfortable and secure. So your fur baby can run, jump, wrestle, and fetch without ever worrying about a wardrobe malfunction.


Do good for dogs in need (while looking fabulous too)

When you shop with Loved and Pampered Pets, you’re doing so much more than just filling your pup's closet. 

Every purchase supports dog shelters in Central Florida, so we can help homeless pooches, cats and other pets find a home where they’ll be just as loved and pampered as the fur fam in your home.

  • 5% of L&P Pets profits go directly to a shelter in Central Florida
  • We host an annual donation drive that provides supplies to the Florida Boxer Rescue
  • We consistently advocate dog rescue and volunteer work through blogging and social media
  • Each week we volunteer and take donated food to local food pantries 


    Meet the Team

    Heather- The woman behind the bows.

    woman and dog

    Hi there, I’m Heather. Mom of four little girls, two giant dogs and a cat. 

    Like you, I’m passionate about dogs. I’m also passionate about sewing, and created Loved & Pampered Pets to combine my two greatest passions into a business I love. 

    After graduating from Florida State University with a degree in conservation biology, I went to work for animal rescues, nature centers, zoos, and animal shelters. I cared for the animals, educated people on the importance of them in our lives and shared all the wonderful ways we can coexist with animals.

    In 2018 I had my third daughter, and it was too hard to care for my kids and work outside my home. So I went on a mission to create a brand that encompassed everything I feel about animals – specifically dogs. 

    Loved and Pampered Pets is here to promote dog friendly communities and encourage more dog moms like you to get out and live an fabulously vibrant and expressive life with your dog.


    Max – Comfort Tester

    large brown dog


    It’s nice to meet you (probably. I think. I gotta sniff you out first.)

    I’m a nine-year-old Boerboel Mastiff mix that my mom was lucky enough to find at the shelter. She likes to say she was just searching Pinterest for fashion ideas and “somehow” ended up on the shelter website, but we all know she was just looking for the perfect old man to make sure her bows and bandanas are actually as comfy as she claims. 

    For each new bow or bandana design, I have the most important job – I wear a tester for a full day. I lounge, play, eat, and nap in it and then report back if it needs to be adjusted (nothing’s gonna stop me from a comfy couch nap.)


    Pippy – Quality Control

    Hello! I’m Pippy, a two-year-old Newfoundland. 

    My dog hobbies include running around the house with Abigail, jumping on Max, eating the kid’s leftovers, and chewing on fabric. 

    It’s not THAT bad, though. Luckily I’ve convinced my mom that my skills are essential to this company. I make sure every single one of your bows is designed to stand the test of time – and dogs being dogs. 

    Whenever she creates a new collection, I’m tasking with taking one or two in my mouth and chewing on them for a bit. This helps her:

    1) Check how well they hold up

    2) Test best way to wash them, and

    3) Create better wear and care  instructions for you.

    I’m really quite helpful and you are very welcome.


    Abigail – Shipping Department

    Hi everyone. I’m Abigail, the reason my mom became a stay-at-home parent (and boy am I glad she did!). 

    Around here, I’m head of the entertainment and conversation committee – plus I make sure your packages look good AND go out on time. (Chop chop, mom!) 

    When not watching Paw Patrol or running around the house with my dog Pippy, I’m wrapping your bows in tissue paper, sticking on shipping labels, and carrying your pretty pink packages to the post office.


    Fur babies and free bows... oh my!

    The fur fun doesn’t stop here. 

    Join the L&P Pets email list to be a part of the fashion, the mission, and the fun. 

    Plus, when you join, not only will you get updates on the latest collections and sales, but you’ll also be entered in a monthly drawing for a free dog bow. 

    Here’s the best part though – 50 cents is donated to shelters just because you joined our L&P Pack. We can’t wait to get to know you and your fur babies!