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Your pet is one of a kind and they deserve clothing just as special. Whether your looking to stand out everyday (because why not), or you're planning for a special event, let Loved and Pampered Pets create your one of a kind dream piece.


Are you and I a match made in Heaven?

I don't know yet lol, but you can get an idea. Stroll over and browse the Custom Projects Look Book and make sure my designs fit your style.

In love and ready to take it to the next level?

Check out the FAQs below and fill out the contact page to get started.


How custom orders work

Start the process

Fill out the contact form. Please fill it out as completely as possible so I can have a very clear idea on what you want.

Once I receive it I will be in touch to let you know if this is a project I can do. My goal is to give you the very best, which means if I don't think I can craft your idea well, I will refer you to someone else.

If your project is something I can do for you we will work together through all the details. Colors, fabrics, size, and more. 


Create your project 

1) I will send you a detailed price quote. 

2) I will send an invoice, and begin working on your project. 

3) I will be sure to send you photos and updates as I work. 

4) Once your project is complete I will send one last photo for approval

5) Your new styles are mailed out and ready to wear!



After receiving your contact form I can give you an estimate on time. Minimum timing is two weeks, but it will depend on:

  • If I have the needed materials in stock
  • how detailed your project is
  • how long the concept takes to create
  • how many items you want, ect.

Please expect 2-6 weeks.