Custom Order Contact

Thank you for considering a custom order.  Leave me some details about your project, and I will be in touch soon. 

How custom orders work

Start the process

Fill out the contact form. Please fill it out as completely as possible so I can have a very clear idea on what you want.

Once I receive it I will be in touch to let you know if this is a project I can do. My goal is to give you the very best, which means if I don't think I can craft your idea well I will refer you to someone else.

If your project is something I can do for you we will work together through all the details. Colors, fabrics, size, and more. 


Create your project 

I will then send you a price quote for your project. 

Once the quote is accepted I will send an invoice via square, and begin working on your project. 

I will be sure to send you photos and updates as I work. 

Once your project is complete I will send one last photo for approval. Once approved I will mail it out. 


After receiving your contact form I can give you an estimate on time. Timing will depend on: If I have the needed materials in stock, how detailed your project is, how long the concept takes to create, how many items you want, ect.