All About Rescue

The cry of shelter pets was something I didn't really understand until college actually. Growing up I always ignored those ASPCA commercials because they were sad (I really don't like sad), and my pets came from people who needed to rehome theirs. In fact, growing up my family had to rehome three dogs, and truthfully, I didn't understand the consequence of that. 

Then I got a dog that became my soul mate. I met her before her eyes were open and I was with her when she passed 11 years later. Through her, I came to understand how dogs bond. I always knew I bonded with them, but I had never noticed how much they bond with us. How symbiotic the human/dog relationship should be.

Once I understood this, I understood the tragedy of shelter pets.

It doesn't all have to be doom and gloom though, we can help them. Together we can hit this homeless pet issue from three angles and eventually wipe it out!! Yes, I did say wipe it out. I'm being crazy optimistic here because I truly believe that one day it's possible! And with L&P Pets I want to help turn that possibility into reality.


My mission: to see every pet as loved as the ones in my own home. Are you with me?


Here's five ways you can start helping shelter pets today



Sign up for emails

When you sign up for L&P Pets emails, not only will you get free printables, quick ideas for bonding with your pets, and access to special sales and collections, but .50 is donated for every new email sign up. That's right, because you gave me your email in exchange for pawsome goodies I will donate .50. 


Spread the word

If you're passionate about animal rescue, talk about it. Find a shelter near you and share their social media posts. Remind friends and families that puppies and pure breeds end up in shelters all the time. Find a good trainer that you would recommend so that you can refer them friends who are having trouble. Get creative, I know you'll think of all kinds of ways you can spread the word about rescue.



I know a lot of you say "but this will make me sad" "I'll just want to bring them all home and I can't". I hear you 100%. But if you can, just look into it, especially if you have a no kill rescue near by (that will make it much easier). If it makes you sad to see them in kennels, it should make you sad knowing that the dogs need outings, long walks, and adoption applications processed, but the shelters are usually understaffed and rely on volunteers to get this all done quickly. If you're at a no-kill shelter I will just warn you, the saddest part about volunteering there is watching them go home. But that's the goal right. 


Make a purchase

For every purchase made 5% is donated back to shelters in need. There are no exclusions to this. You can also keep an eye out for special give back sales (these happen a few times per year) where 20% is donated back. If you sign up for emails you'll get advanced notice of these sales so you can make the most impact.


So, are you in?

You can help make a difference for shelter pets. You can be one part of this mission, and I'm so excited to for you to join me. So which of these things will you do today? Send me a quick comment in the chat (look in your lower right corner) and let me know.