Fall Fashion for the Fur babies

Fall is in full swing, there is no denying it now. I have pulled out the plaid (or at least the one plaid maternity shirt I own lol) and am getting my fill on literally everything pumpkin, apples, and caramel. My dog’s will probably be sick of pumpkin treats by December.

But I’m not a food vendor. Trust me I’m much better at eating food than making it, but I am a dog fashion designer and I’d love to go over some super easy fall styling tips for your dog.

If you’re looking for some styling tips for your pup this fall here’s three outfits from simple chic to all out fabulous that will help you get started.


Simple Chic

A basic bow or bandana. You really can’t go wrong with these classic accessories. For a dog they're like a pair of pearl earrings. Wear them to Walmart or a gala and either way you’ve reached sophistication level 100. And while you can’t wear just pearl earrings (I mean you could, but you may not get a great public reception) for your dog, the accessory alone is quite enough to have her dressed up and ready for the day.

Want something that says “Fall” keep these in mind when shopping

Material: flannel, wool, leather, or cotton

Patterns: plaid, knitted, ribbed, fringe

Colors: red, orange, dark yellow, brown, gold, beige (you know, fall colors)


Make a Statement

So I find it easiest to explain the next two in layers. This one is a middle of the road outfit. You’re not out to outshine the world but your dog is definitely making his presence known. 

Layer one: The bandana or bow tie.  Slip a bow tie or bandana over your dog’s collar. I love going for something bold that’s really going to stand out as the accent piece. The “look how fabulous I am” piece.  

Layer two: Go for a classic. A classic tee shirt or button up vest. You want something grounding and neutral for this layer so it balances out your bow and doesn’t distract from it.

Layer three: If it’s not too hot add a vest or an puff jacket vest over that tee. I think this layer looks good as a neutral or a bit bolder. It’s the perfect way to pull the whole outfit together and bring that fall style from collar to tail.


Go for the Glam

Alright, we’re pulling out all the stops for this outfit. This is for the dog that owns the sidewalk and treats every place she goes as her own personal runway. And admit it, you are probably her paparazzi (not a bad thing).

So again we’re going in layers, but for this outfit feel free to go as basic or as bold and glitzy as you want. For good taste I find it best to balance glitz and basic. 


Layer one: A necklace. Find fall colors that pop on your dog and go for the chunky glitzy necklace. If you have a white or beige dog dark golds and browns look great. If you have a dark pup go for light golds or white and gold. Please keep your pet’s collar on under the necklace in case anything happens, but I find adding the next layer onto the necklace instead of the collar is next level cute.

Layer two: The bandana, bow tie, or scarf. Follow the same advice as before. Pick something bold, a statement piece. This is piece that’s framing your pup’s face, and the main piece you’ll see if you’re taking photos head on, so you want it to be stunning.

Layer three: A comfy shirt. If you’re adding a jacket or vest keep the shirt simple. If not, go for something fabulous. A shirt with really cute trim around the sleeve edges is a good touch.

Layer four: For Fall/Winter I love a good puffy jacket. They really stand out. Also the bedazzled denim jackets are so cute this time of year. These options are going to complete your outfit in a way that makes your pup stand out from every direction. If you’ve got a fur baby that loves attention don’t skip this last layer.

Hopefully these three outfits get your fashion wheels turning. If you’re not great with styling outfits, use this as a guide or hop on Pinterest and copy a few (I always find that after I copy for a bit my brain starts taking over with its own ideas). I cannot wait to see how you dress your puppies this fall. If you haven’t already, follow me on Instagram and tag @lovedandpamperedpets when you go out so I can love on your pups and all their beautiful clothes. See you there!





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