Pet Poison Prevention Week

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Loving our pets with bows and cute haircuts is SO much fun, but as pet parents we also know there is so much more. Loving your pets means taking care of them inside and out and keeping them safe (usually from themselves lol). 

This week is poison prevention week, and I cannot think of a better time to talk about keeping your pets safe at home. 

Just want your printable? I've got you, scroll to the bottom. 

black lab dog lying on a couch

Quick poll:

Raise your hand if you have hand sanitizer lying around your house right now. We all do right?! I have a bottle in my purse, on the kitchen counter, and in the bathroom. Our homes are full of so many harmful things, most of which are every day items. But even something as mundane as hand sanitizer can be a lurking danger for curious pets.

Here's a quick 5 that you probably have at home right now (kind of looks like a quarantine survival kit lol)

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Chocolate
  • Alcohol
  • Lysol or Bleach
  • Medication (yes, even Tylenol)

General rule of thumb: 

If you wouldn't leave it in reach of a toddler, don't leave it in reach of your pet. 

In honor of poison prevention week, and in effort to love on as many pets as possible I've created an easy to use poison prevention checklist. Grab it just below, and go through your house this week to make sure you have these common dangers put away!  

(Please note: This list is not extensive, your home may have more dangers or less, so use it to get you started and then be aware of your home after that)

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