Creating a Dog Safe Fourth of July

Fourth of July is right around the corner (can you believe it), and as everyone else is stocking up on BOGO fireworks those of us with pets have a little more to think about.

 Quick story: my poodle was never afraid of the fireworks. Which was nice, but she was curious. So curious, that the first year we had her near fireworks she walked right up to a lit one to check it out. Fortunately, my mom grabbed her and pulled her back, and after that, she stayed on her leash. But what a disaster that could have been!

     It just goes to show that anxiety, while a very serious problem, is not the only thing dog moms have to worry about on Independence Day. Fireworks, chicken wings, you’re brother in law running around with a burning basket (that’s a story for another day) are all real possibilities for the 4th of July, and it’s our job as moms to be ready for however our pets may react. You all know I’m not one to harp on the negatives though so let’s prepare, let’s be safe, and let’s have fun!

Here’s a couple ideas for having a fun 4th for the entire family


Does your pup have anxiety?

Celebrate with quiet fireworks: sparklers, tanks, pop-its, smoke bombs

If you’re in a place where it’s just going to be loud do what you can to keep your pet calm for the night. Buy a thunder shirt, play calming music for dogs, turn on a TV program that he loves, and give lots and lots of cuddles.

Don’t leave your pet alone. If it’s going to be loud and your pets have anxiety don’t leave them alone. Her way of coping will probably be far worse than your ways of helping.

If you can, take a quiet get away. Go camping, rent a place where fireworks aren’t allowed and just get out of town.


Is your pup curious?

Keep the food put up. There might be food out that your pup can’t have, either that or they’ll just binge and get a tummy ache. Keep everyone happy and put the food out of reach.

Clean up. Remember those quiet pop-its. They leave bits of paper, rocks, and explosive powder on the ground that are not good for curious doggies to eat.

Keep your pets on a leash or even inside. Your pet may not be scared of fireworks, but it’s still smoke and fire, and we don’t want any curls getting singed.  


Alright! You’re all set to plan the perfect dog safe 4th. One last thing, every fashionista knows the perfect party isn’t planned without the perfect outfit. Check out these adorable red, white, and blues for your baby to celebrate in!

dog wearing red white and blue bow

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